Paris floods threaten priceless art

Paris. The City of Lights. The City of Love. The City full of priceless art from centuries ago. The City also threatened as the Seine floods over its banks with intense rain fall. Heavy rains have caused fifteen deaths thus far across central Europe and there is no end in sight. Because of these rains, the Seine river that runs through Paris has risen 18 feet and doesn’t look like it will recede any time soon. This has caused multiple closures, mainly to The Louvre and Orsay museums as curators take the art to higher ground from basements. Flooding is projected to cause 600 million in damages but that does not hold a candle to the loss that could be if these works of art are not protected.


The flooding could cost French insurance companies more than 600 million euros (£470m), according to the industry association AFA.

In Paris, the Cluny – La Sorbonne and St Michel metro stations were closed as a precaution while the river spilled onto the city’s streets.

Bridges were closed and non-emergency boats were banned from the Seine as its swelling forced the closure of museums, parks and cemeteries.

At the Louvre, curators scrambled to move 250,000 artworks to higher ground from basement storage areas at risk of inundation from what President Francoise Hollande called “exceptional flooding”.

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Photo courtesy: Getty Images/BBC

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