Drifter Diaries: Sydney-Gold Coast Day Two

While the sun rose the next day, the surf did not. Looking at the charts and seeing nothing was incoming either, I packed up and headed north up the coast from Seal Rocks in search of whatever was to come. Staying off the motorways and heading up The Lakes Way which was closest to the ocean, I came upon a stretch of bays and beaches that were absolutely stunning. The water was warm and clear, the air hot, and the views phenomenal.

Elizabeth Beach


Seven Mile Beach


Seven Mile Beach


Cape Hawke Lookout



I ended up at Cape Hawke Lookout which is the highest point in New South Wales. With todays technology, its so easy with so little effort to get to the other side of the world. Lets face it, I took two flights, enjoyed 6-7 beers, slept and woke up in Sydney. This view brought me back to reality on just how vast the world is. While yes it is fairly easy to get around the world, the places really worth seeing still take a bit of struggle and fortitude to reach, and I hope it stays that way.

Yvon Chouinard, founder of eco-centric clothing and gear company Patagonia, said “Everest is the ultimate and the opposite of that. Because you get these high powered plastic surgeons and CEO’s, they pay $80,000 and have sherpas put the ladders in place and 8,000 feels of fixed ropes and you get to the camp and you don’t even have to lay out your sleeping bag. It’s already laid out with a chocolate mint on the top. The whole purpose to planning something like Everest is to effect some sort of spiritual and physical gain and if you compromise the process, you’re an asshole when you start out and you’re an asshole when you get back.”

While everyones own “Everest” is different and constantly changing, step out of your comfort zone, get your hands dirty, and seek out those places that make you feel and in turn, grow.




All pictures copyright Nate Beck

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