Will Cuba be a possibility to American tourism in the near future?

The culture, the countryside, the cars, the cigars, the music, and the rum. Just a few of the beauties that Cuba offers to visitors outside of the US. However President Obama is in the process of changing that. For the first time in eighty eight years, the POTUS has stepped foot in Cuba. The last time was 1959 before relations between the two nations became strained and even potentially catastrophic. The highlight being the two presidents smiling and shaking hands before their bilateral meeting showing the world that positive change is possible. While it is far from a done deal, it is forward positive change, and we can stand behind that.


“We defend human rights, in our view civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights are indivisible, inter-dependent and universal,” Mr Castro said.

“Actually we find it inconceivable that a government does not defend and ensure the right to healthcare, education, social security, food provision and development.”

Mr Obama said the trade embargo would be fully lifted in Cuba, but he could not say exactly when.

“The reason is what we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the Cuban people,” he said.

For a full rundown of the Presidents visit check out the full story here.

Picture courtesy Reuters.

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